Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why can’t I just write a note/post/blog myself?
You absolutely can. Almost everyone is savvy enough to know sending handwritten
notes and posting regularly on their social sites and blogs is critical to their reputation and
business, and every person knows how heart-warming it is to receive a handwritten note.

These things are time-consuming, though. More than likely, there is always something
ahead of ‘Send Note to...’ on your To Do list. Similarly, creating copy and newsletters, and
thoroughly researching your papers and presentations takes away from what you need to
be focusing on: yourself and your business.

Q: How do I know the card was sent?
For every card sent, you will receive a PDF of both the handwritten message and the addressed, stamped envelope.

Q: Won’t people know I didn’t write the thank you card myself?
Most likely, no. Our writers have a variety of scripts to choose from (block, cursive, feminine,
masculine, etc.). Unless you are sending your notes to a recipient who happens to be a detective, they
probably won’t notice.

Q: I’m afraid it might cheapen the sentiment of what I’m trying to convey by having someone else
take the time to handwrite it.

Think of it this way: Yes, you could go hunt and hand pick wildflowers, tie them with ribbon and
deliver them to your mom on Mother’s day. But more than likely you’re going to call a florist. Your
sentiment is still the same when you use The Contact Concierge, we are simply an expediter of making
sure that message is actually delivered.
Our writers can also help you craft that message so it is clear, concise and memorable.

Q: What if I don’t approve of the content of the post you’ve written?
No post will ever be finished until you are completely satisfied. Posts range from weekly blurbs to
lengthy blogs. Whatever your creative writing needs are, there is no job too big or small for us. Content
is thoroughly fact-checked and verified before ever being sent to you for approval, and no post is ever
placed without written approval from you.

Q: How much does this service cost?
Each project is handled personally, and receives a proposal. Please contact us directly for pricing options for our handwritten cards and content generation pricing.