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    From custom fonts to replicating your tone, our writing speaks for you. Never worry about missing a birthday, deadline, or assignment again. 

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    Save time by directly uploading your database to our website, then simply choosing whom you would like to impress with a card, and when. 

  • Did You


    68% of the clients you lose will leave because of perceived indifference.
    Send them a note of thanks! Take your 'thanking' retro and let                                                            them know you care about their business. 

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    than just cards...

    Newsletters, e-books, white papers, website content and social media posts are all our strong suits. Let us make you shine. 

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Your Words,

Beautifully Styled

The Contact Concierge is a communication strategy; a way to broadcast your message; a way to reconnect with your clients. We use the written word to make you memorable; to make your message stay front and center.

  • What We Do
  • Why You Need Us

What We Do

  • Hand write and address every single card. No printers used here.
  • Thoroughly research and craft every paper, post and blog piece
  • Send you a PDF of every single card, paper, piece and post
  • Include any gift card or gift you desire with your card
  • Handcraft newsletters that are engaging, informative and helps drive
    traffic to your business.

Why Do You Need Us
For Notes: The power of the handwritten note is universal. The New York TimesHarvard
   Business Review and Forbes all agree with us. Sending notes is time-consuming. Buying stamps, choosing the right cards, and,  more importantly, choosing the right words all take time. We have this down to a science.

For Ghostwriting: You’re busy. We understand that. Writing Newsletters, Web Content and   White Papers isn’t really your forte, but it is ours.

For your clients: Dr. John Gattorna- 68% of the clients you lose will leave you because of
  perceived indifference. Save those clients with a handwritten note to let them
  know you appreciate their business.


Customer Reviews

  • "Contact Concierge handles ALL my thank you notes and social media posts. It frees me up to do what I really do well: run my business. Great job, guys" ~ Jeremy Lariter
  • "As a small business, I have very limited time, and sending out notes and posting on Facebook and Twitter usually falls to the bottom of the list. Alison and her team are like having my own personal in-house writers to take that task off my To Do list. Thank you." ~ Allen Cobb
  • "I've been using The Contact Concierge for 2 months now, and my return rate on notes is 10%! Just from sending cards I have two closed loans and three more pending. This service is worth every penny and then some". ~ Charlie Watts
  • "When I was expanding my business on a tight budget, Contact Concierge came through for me. Now they research and write all my social media posts and blogs. Their work is very professional, affordable, and always on-time". ~ Pete Marshall
  • "As a lender, I am always looking for new ways to stay in touch with clients and gain referral business. The Contact Concierge has really increased my top-of-mind presence and generated quite a few referrals from both Realtors and past clients." ~ Nicolette VanPelt
  • Most salespeople are busy always trying to generate new business; or, reinvent the wheel, so to speak. What often is forgotten is the need to maintain the clients you already have. These people have already trusted you with their business. They already like you. Keep them liking you! The New York Times (with tongue firmly in cheek) called the Handwritten Note a "stunning new business practice". http://boss.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/04/a-stunning-new-social-media-tactic-handwritten-notes/?smid=tw-share Handwritten notes are the original social media. They were the calling card (literally) that branded your company and conveyed your commitment to your clients.Even after hundreds of years, those handwritten notes still convey that message. Who would've thought such tiny pieces of paper could have such a large impact on your business?  
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Don't Neglect Your Social Media!

Companies that neglect their social media followers have a higher percentage rate of going out of business than those who only use social media for their marketing needs.

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New Website

This is the new Contact Concierge website! I hope you enjoy it. We are here to personally design and create your very own personal handwritten letters to anyone and everyone you choose.

Read more: New Website

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